I haven't blogged in a long time. It's one of those things I would put off and put off and then suddenly a year would have gone by. Or I'd do it, but it would read like I was writing an essay for a high school class. "This is Marissa and Jordon. They really like each other. I took pictures of them when they got married. Here are some pictures."

These things are all true, but there's more truth to be explored. Like, the beaming smile on Marissa's face throughout the whole of her wedding day. Or the way Jordon looks at Marissa, like she's luminescent. Or the trust they handed over to me, and the willingness to be vulnerable with a hunk of glass and magnesium alloy attached to my face. There is truth like, the way their families and friends dote on them. How loved they are as individuals, but also as a union. There is truth like a wedding in a big red barn at the end of summer, and watching the sunset from the back deck.

I photographed all of these things, of course, so I don't mean to describe them rather than show you. But I was a writer before I was a photographer, and sometimes it feels important for me to communicate what was running through my mind. Contrary to what some may think, I am not holding a mirror up to my subjects. My work can only represent my experience, the narrative as it unfolds for me. And I would love to share the narrative-- according to me-- of Marissa & Jordon's wedding day.

Venue: Windmill Hill Barn in Manchester, Iowa

Welcome sign at a midwestern wedding
Windmill Hill Barn sign and barn
Midwest bride opening a bottle of champagne
Midwestern bride wedding dress
midwest bridal party sitting on a couch in robes
Mother of the bride assists bride with wedding dress
Bridal party reacting to bride in her dress
First look with dad, who is very surprised
Midwest groom looking to the right
Bride walking forward with her bridesmaids watching
Midwest wedding first look
First look with hands over the groom's eyes
First look, groom turning to look at bride
Groom and bride looking at each other
Documentary wedding photography, black and white photography, mother of the bride is holding bride's dress up
Bride and groom sitting on a black motorcycle
Midwestern bride and groom sit on black motorcycle
Iowa Bride smiling
Iowa Groom
black and white image of bride and groom kissing